(5) Mogusa Danchi 百草団地 (1969)

Mogusa Danchi 百草団地, pronounced もぐさだんち, and located in Tama City, Tokyo (map). Part of the legendary and enormous Tama New Town. (I recently noticed that this Danchi appears to be getting the MUJI x UR renovation treatment.)

I’ve seen these buildings labeled as:

  • Japan Housing Corporation Mogusa Danchi 日本住宅公団 百草団地
  • UR City Mechanism Mogusa Danchi UR都市機構百草団地

Buildings 2-4-1 and 2-4-2 and building 25:

Danchi map (source):

Mogusa danchi map

The most interesting are the hillside buildings, UR都市機構百草団地2―3―4棟 and 2―3―3:


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