(35) Toei Kitami 2-chome Apartment (1975 – 1978)

This is 都営喜多見二丁目アパート Toei Kitami 2-chome Apartment, a danchi of approximately 470 units, built between 1975-1978. It’s not particularly interesting, in my opinion, but its map is decent:

The site was farmland, with a stream running through it, situated just north of a water purification plant. Here’s the site in 1945/50, 1961/64, 1974/78, and 1979/84.

Here’s a typical scene:

Toei Kitami 2-chome Apartment building 13 and 4

One of the friendlier buildings on the site is 喜多見児童館 Kitami children’s house (map):

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