(77) Minamisuna 1-chome Estate 南砂一丁目エステート

This 3-unit danchi, Minamisuna 1-chome Estate 南砂一丁目エステート / 南砂1丁目エステート, is situated next to a canal park, 横十間川親水公園・海砂橋際 (Yokojikkengawa Shinsui Park).

This part of the city was used to transport and store lumber via its extensive network of canals; this is seen as recently as the mid-1980s. By 1984/87 the complex was completed, and lumber is no longer visible in the canal.

Lumber was stored in kiba, which means ‘timber basin’ 貯木場, a variation of ‘lumberyard’ 貯木. For more information see:


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