(11, 12, 13) Takashimadaira Danchi 高島平団地

Danchi 高島平団地, a major danchi in Itabashi-ku (map):

This danchi is somewhat famous for being in rough shape, as described in this 2003 Japan Times article:

“One complex, the Takashimadaira Danchi in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, gained notoriety around this time for the inordinate number of people who committed suicide there. The tabloids talked about how, in a single month, dozens of people jumped from the top of the building. It was even (somewhat improbably) claimed that families sitting down to dinner became so accustomed to the sight of people flying past their windows that they wouldn’t even bother to interrupt their meals to investigate. The danchi, commentators began to say, were lonely and sterile places, where neighbors rarely bothered to communicate with each other.” – “The danchi and postwar society

And from a more recent one:


In my post I map the danchi in three sections. The first, (11), is to the east:

(11) Map of Takashimadaira Danchi 高島平団地:

(12) and (13) The western section of the danchi:

Map of section (12):

Takashimadaira danchi signboard map 1

Map of section (13):

Takashimadaira danchi signboard map new

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