Two maps are included in this post.

(7) Toei Minami Tanaka Apartment 都営南田中アパート (west section) (map)

(8) Toei Minami Tanaka Apartment 都営南田中アパート (east section), and Toei Takanodai 1-chome apartment 都営高野台一丁目アパート

This danchi is split between a section north of the river and a section south of the river. The section north of the river is listed (on Google maps) as 都営高野台一丁目アパート Toei Takanodai chome apartment, and the section south of the river is listed as 都営南田中アパート Toei Minamitanaka apartment, which is the same name as danchi #7 , mentioned above (map).

Map and general scenes:

Cherry trees:

Pruned trees:

Garden plots:


Closest station: Nerimatakanodai Station 練馬高野台駅