(81) Tokiwadaira Danchi 常盤平団地 (Chiba)

Tokiwadaira Danchi 常盤平団地 is a large complex in Matsudo-shi, Chiba Prefecture. The center of the danchi is an easy walk to Tokiwadaira Station 常盤平駅 of the Shin-Keisei Line 新京成線. It takes 45-60 minutes to get from Tokiwadaira Station to Tokyo Station, depending on which train you connect to.

Here’s a photo of the danchi under construction in 1960 (source):

Tokiwadaira_Danchi_under_construction 1960

The danchi maps are divided into three sections, which center around the following intersection (map).


Map of section 1 (source)

Towadai Chiba danchi map part 1

Map of section 2

Tokiwadaira Danchi map Part 2 map

Map of section 3

Tokiwadaira Danchi map Part 3 map

Tokiwadaira Danchi aerial photo, circa 1961-1964:



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