As seen in the following maps, Toei Toyama Heights Apartments 都営戸山ハイツアパート has an unusual shape, being wrapped around Hakone-yama 箱根山 and a large park, 戸山多目的運動広場:

Because of the proximity to the park, this is one of the most beautiful danchi locations in Tokyo.

The view from Hakone-yama (Google Photo-sphere):


The buildings are rather large, with visible earthquake-stabilization braces:

The nearest subway stations are:

  • Waseda Station 早稲田駅(東京メトロ) (Tozai Line)
  • Wakamatsukawada Station 若松河田駅 (Oedo Line)
  • Nishi-Waseda Station 西早稲田駅 (Fukutoshin Line)