(381 thru 389) Kodaira danchi apartments

Several danchi near a nice stream in Kodaira-shi, in western Tokyo. The water is a portion of the Nobitome-yosui canal 野火止用水 (のびどめようすい / のびとめようすい). For more information in this, and other bodies of water in Tokyo, see: Walking on water: the underground rivers of Tokyo 東京の地下河川や運河の地図.

(381) Toei kogawanishimachi 1-chome Apartment 都営小川西町一丁目アパート

(382) Toei Ogawa Nishi-cho 2-chome Apartment 都営小川西町二丁目アパート

Nearby, an interesting example of billboard architecture (kanban kenchiku) (map):

(383) Tokyo Metropolitan Office Kodaira Housing 東京都職員小平住宅


(384) Toei Ogawa Nishimachi 2-chome Apartments 都営小川西町二丁目アパート (map)


(385) Toei Higashimurayama Fujimicho Apartment


(386) Toei Ogawa Nishimachi 2-chome Apartment 都営小川西町二丁目アパート (Building 6)


(387) Toei Ogawa nishimachi 2-chome Apartment 都営小川西町二丁目アパート (Building 7)

(388) Kodaira 3rd Jutaku (housing) 小平第3住宅

These photos are interesting for the relatively rare appearance of snow on the ground in Tokyo.

(389) Toei Ogawa Nishimachi 2-chome 2nd Apartments 都営小川西町二丁目第2アパート (Buildings 29 & 30)

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