(231 thru 235) Suginami-ku danchi

A few danchi in Suginami-ku:

(231) Matsunoki Housing Joint Dormitory 合同宿舎松ノ木住宅 (map)

This danchi is close to a beautiful bend of the Zenpukujigawa river.

(232) JKK Tokyo Matsunoki house 東京都住宅供給公社松ノ木住宅 (map)

(233) Izumi-cho company housing 和泉町社宅 (NTT和泉町社宅) (map)

This former NTT company housing, next to Meiji University, is undergoing demolition. For background on NTT apartments, see: 電電アパート(NTT社宅)の研究.

(234) Riverside Heights リバーサイドハイツ

A 10-building danchi in Suginami-ku, next to the Kanda river.

(235) Kichijoji 2nd residence 吉祥寺第二舎宅

This 3-building danchi is just feet from Inokashirakoen Station 井の頭公園駅 and Inokashira Pond, the source of the Kanda river.


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