(374 A-G) Chiba New Town Horigome 千葉ニュータウン堀込

A group of danchi, many related, in Shiroi-shi, Chiba. The closest station is Shiroi Station 白井駅, which is an hour (and 1200 yen) away from Tokyo station.

(374-A) Chiba New Town Horigome 4th jutaku Danchi 千葉ニュータウン堀込第4住宅

An abundance of trees, futon drying on the balcony, buildings numbering preceded by 堀込 (Horigome, the place name).

(374-B) Chiba New Town Horigome 2nd jutaku Danchi 千葉ニュータウン堀込第2住宅団地

(374-C) Minamiyama First Danchi 南山第一住宅

(374-D) Green Minamiyama グリーン南山

Unusual: townhouses line the road in front of larger buildings at danchi.

(374-E) Chiba New Town Horigome 3rd jutaku Danchi 千葉ニュータウン堀込第3住宅

(374-F) Horigome 1st jutaku danchi 堀込第1住宅 (website)

This danchi has a pedestrian / bike underpass reminiscent of the new towns in Hong Kong’s New Territories.

(374-G) UR Horigome danchi UR都市機構堀込団地

Cherry trees line the road, obscuring our view of this housing complex. Of note: there’s a distinctive grid pattern on the numbered sides of this cluster of buildings.


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