(556) UR Toyoshiki-dai Danchi UR都市機構豊四季台団地

Map of Urban Renaissance (UR) Toyoshiki-dai Danchi UR都市機構豊四季台団地.  Located in Kashiwa-City, Chiba Prefecture (map).

According to Wikipedia, the danchi was built in 1964 and had a capacity of 10,000 people. It is located on the site of the former Kashiwa Horsetrack 柏競馬場, which closed in the 1950s (at was partially hurt by the post-war rise of keirin bicycle racing). Starting in the 2000’s, sections of the danchi have undergone redevelopment.

Aerial photo of the Kashiwa Racecourse, circa 1961:

Same position: Toyoshikidai Danchi circa 1971:

Current photo of the danchi. A bit tired looking.


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