(18) Toei Takasago Apartment 都営高砂アパート

This land used to be Toei Takasago Apartment 都営高砂アパート, a danchi of approximately 50 buildings. It is in process of being rebuilt as “Takasago Yonchome Apartment” 「高砂四丁目アパート」 (source; map).

Map of the original danchi (source)

As seen in the aerial photos, the land for this danchi was being cleared by 1961-64, with completion prior to 1974/78. By 2007 a portion of the danchi had been demolished (see area in yellow).

Evidence of the old danchi in 2014 (the low-lying building), with the new buildings in the background; in 2015, the low-lying building has been removed.

Older buildings slated to be demolished (2015):

Toei Takasago Apartment water tower 2015


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